The Medical Waste Management Act defines “medical waste” as bio hazardous or sharps waste and waste which is generated or produced as a result of the diagnosis, treatment, or immunization of human beings/animals, research pertaining to the diagnosis, treatment, or immunization of human beings/animals, production/testing of biologicals, or the accumulation of properly contained home-generated sharps waste. Environmental Health and Safety provides the following guidelines for medical waste:

  • Do not overfill biohazard boxes: Biohazard disposal containers must have sufficient room to be able to close the flaps on the top of the box and seal with packing tape. DOT regulations require that our containers are completely sealed for transport on public roads.
  • Keep your containers in a safe but convenient location: Biohazard disposal containers should be kept out of the reach of the general public, as required by regulation. However, keep in mind that drivers run a tight schedule, and pick up many stops each day. The easier it is for drivers to access your waste, the less time it takes to collect your waste, and helps to keep our prices low!
  • Use only APPROVED containers: Our drivers are only allowed to pick up waste that is stored in safe, approved containers. These include: our biohazard boxes for general waste; and approved sharps containers or approved chemotherapy containers for sharps waste.
  • Collection is your responsibility: In order to keep our prices low, we are only able to pick up waste that has been collected and stored in approved containers and placed in one location. We do not provide room-to-room collection services.
  • Do not overfill sharps containers: Sharps containers should never be overfilled. This Will cause needles to fall out of the sharps containers. Your company will be liable for any injuries resulting from improperly disposed waste.
  • Tape sharps containers shut: Sharps containers must be taped shut to secure both the locked opening and the lid. This will help to ensure that no sharps will fall out of the containers during handling and transport. Your company will be liable for any injuries resulting from improper waste disposal.
  • Liquid: Do not place any liquid into the containers that have not been evaluated and documented by the customer as non-hazardous waste.