Transportation Of Waste

Gamma Waste Systems provides a medical waste pick up and disposal service. We pick up all of your bio hazardous waste, then transport to our destruction facility for proper disposal. Your waste is manifested and a Certificate of Destruction is sent to you after being destroyed. This destruction manifest is evidence that your waste is properly disposed according to the laws, environmental regulation compliance and peace of mind.

Our service provides you with containers, liners and the disposal of your waste. Simply, 1) fill the containers with bio-hazardous waste, 2) schedule a pick up by phone or email, and 3) we will pick up your containers & drop-off the new one for you. With us, waste disposal is as easy as 1-2-3.

In addition to general medical waste, we also pick up and dispose of your biomedical sharps containers. Either place the full sharps container into your biohazard containers or we will pick up individual sharps containers. We provide pick-up or mail back services to fit your plan.

Pick-up Service Overview

This program includes a sharps/needle containers in size that is predetermined by the customer, in an approved mail back corrugated box approved by the government, lined with a 3-mil liner. A manifest and a tracking form will keep track of the container. Customer places the sharps/needle containers when full, inside the corrugated box lined with the liner and send to our facility for destruction. Upon destruction the certificate is available by mail or electronically.