Sharps Container Management & Disposal

Gamma Waste Systems' sharps/needle containers disposal program is a safe and convenient way to dispose off your sharps/needle container disposal by Fed/Ex, UPS, and USPS mail. This program is especially convenient for customers that are small quantity generators, customers who are diabetic with self inject medications and institutes that have fewer sharps/needle containers, or generators in small markets. Various sizes of sharps/needle containers are available from 1 quart to 18 gallons, with various brands, such as Covidien, BD, Bemis, Medical Action Industries, etc.

How the program works

This program includes a sharps/needle containers in size that is predetermined by the customer, in an approved Mail back corrugated box approved by the government, lined with a 3-mil liner. A manifest and a tracking form will keep track of the container. Customer places the sharps/needle containers when full, inside the corrugated box lined with the liner and send to our facility for destruction. Upon destruction the certificate is available by mail or electronically.

Advantages of using us

Our services are fast, affordable and compliant with city, county, state and federal laws. Our friendly staff is always willing to help in case if you have any questions. Complete tracking of the shipment from the time container leave your office to the time of final disposal. Please call us or email us for pricing. We guarantee to beat anyone's advertised price.

  • Transportation of sharps/needle containers by USPS, UPS or FedEx
  • No contract requirements
  • Very reasonable prices and convenient
  • Cost effective for small and large quantity generators
  • Comply with all City, State, Federal laws
  • Electronic tracking of wastes at all times