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We provide comprehensive training to clinics, hospitals and to any bio hazardous and hazardous generating facility in the following areas:

OSHA Programs

Minimize the threat to your employees and your bottom-line by learning and implementing the fundamentals of OSHA safety regulations. You can be held liable for so many safety work issues, from noise and possible hearing damage to injuries and in some extreme cases death. Take action, and protect yourself and your workers with our information-rich four-day seminar, your key to a complete OSHA training experience.

If you find OSHA regulations at all confusing even the most basic ones you’re not alone. But that doesn’t make you any less responsible for them in your workplace. Get answers that make sense! Many other business owners and managers have gotten practical, actionable help by attending this informative seminar on putting the basics of OSHA safety regulations in place.

Unlike other OSHA usual classes, we go beyond the regulations. We go over how to avoid fines and audits and how to fight fines or get through an audit with no or minimal damage, should you find yourself in that situation. You will get priceless insider information that can save you time, money, and make your workplace a safer place to work. With the OSHA Training program get the answers you need:

We provide OSHA 10 Hr & 30 Hr classes in General Industry & Marine Industry. In addition to the above we can tailor make classes to fit your needs, such as Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, Needle stick Injury and prevention, Fork Lift Training etc. Please call us we can explain further about our training.

  • Do you know your obligations under the law to provide a safe and healthy work environment?
  • What will you do if an OSHA inspector visits your office unannounced? Your rights?
  • How to avoid being cited for one of OSHA’s most common violations Hazard Communication?
  • How to keep adequate and accurate records?
  • Are you aware of exposure determinations?
  • What priorities do you need to set to save the most in fines and liability according to the standards OSHA currently sets?
  • The OSHA Inspection, learn what they’re looking for and how to give it to them by creating a strategic plan for your OSHA inspection.
  • The Future of OSHA, stay a step ahead of costly changes as we examine what you can expect in the months to come, including ergonomics, health and safety programs, forklift safety and more.

We provide comprehensive training to clinics, hospitals and to any bio hazardous and hazardous generating facility in the following areas

For OSHA Safety Administrators:Administering Your OSHA Program
Evaluating and Selecting Safety Sharps

Annual OSHA Retraining: Covers OSHA's Bloodborne Pathogens and Hazard Communications Standards, required for every healthcare employee

Basic OSHA Training: For employees new to the healthcare industry

New Employee OSHA Orientation: For those who have had previous OSHA training, but are new to the facility

Preventing Workplace Violence in Ambulatory Medical and Dental Facilities: To help employees prevent violent behavior in others and to respond to violent situations

Fire Safety: For annual employee training, covers fire extinguishing (A.R.A.C.E., P.A.S.S.) and building evacuation

Ergonomics for Ambulatory Medical And Dental Facilities: Identifies the most common ergonomic stressors (i.e. back/neck; eye strain; Carpel Tunnel Syndrome; computer work stations; lifting/moving patients) and demonstrates techniques to avoid injury

Respiratory Infection Control: Influenza and TB

Occupational Safety and Health Organization (OSHA): OSHA was established in 1970 to protect employees from workplace hazards