Environmental Responsibility

Gamma Waste Systems is committed to protecting the environment. We use our knowledge to develop the most environmental friendly services for our customers and willingly share our ecological expertise with them.

Our Sharps Management Service featuring Bio Systems re-usable containers has prevented plastic containers from ending up in landfills. Our Pharmaceutical Waste Compliance programs help hundreds of hospitals, medical offices, pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers properly dispose of drugs so that they don't end up in lakes and streams.

From our beginning, we have championed the use of non-incineration treatment technologies. We are helping more and more customers properly segregate their waste streams, which reduces the need for incineration.

The “Three R’s” given outline what we can do to help preserve natural resources and protect the environment. With abnormal climate change, going green is an important step to protect our Earth. The list of steps everyone of us can take to help our planet is continually growing. Conscientious Earth citizens have the ability to learn about the right things to do. React, obviously, is the next step. After you learn, get out of your chair and actually do something about it: React! Make today the day YOU start to do something about it