Bio Medical Waste / RMW Disposal

Gamma Waste Systems is a perfect partner to our large clientele base in the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of medical and bio hazardous waste. Medical wastes also known as "red bag" wastes include pathological, chemotherapy, sharps, scalpels, biological specimens, culture stocks, blood related/stained wastes, used gowns, masks, tubing, etc. Gamma Waste Systems provides all necessary containers, then pick them up and safely treat and dispose of the medical waste. We help ensure maximum infection control throughout the entire process. Our Route Managers are trained to carry out their responsibilities discreetly, without interrupting your operation. Additionally, we scan your containers at every point in the process. Our regulated medical waste disposal program is offered throughout Texas and Louisiana and pickup schedules are flexible. We also provide staff training and education to help you protect your employees and reduce your risk.

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Gamma Waste Systems offers pharmaceutical waste disposal services to a large variety of healthcare facilities. We help hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacy retailers, and medical or dental offices meet their regulatory and environmental obligations regarding proper pharmaceutical waste disposal. Services are designed to help facilities characterize, segregate, transport and properly dispose of pharmaceutical waste.

Hospitals: For acute care facilities, our Pharmaceutical Waste Compliance service helps effectively manage hazardous and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste disposal in compliance with federal regulations including EPA, DOT and OSHA rules. It is a comprehensive program that covers formulary characterization, staff training, collection and packaging, documentation, and final destruction of Pharmaceutical waste.

Hospitals generate a substantial amount of pharmaceutical waste, some hazardous, some non-hazardous that requires proper disposal. Generally, this waste is composed of pharmaceuticals that have been partially dispensed, but not completely used. Our Pharmaceutical Waste Compliance services are designed to help hospitals characterize, segregate, transport and properly dispose of drug waste.

The focus of our program is on helping you achieve and maintain TCEQ, EPA, FDA, USDA, CBP, DOT & Health Department compliance, while reducing the risk associated with handling dangerous compounds. The program includes:

  • Waste characterization and identification for EPA & DOT
  • Containers for the facility-wide segregation and collection of Rx waste
  • Packaging, labeling, shipping and disposal
  • Training programs and materials for your staff
  • Ongoing support
  • Benefits to the hospital include:
  • Reduced risk associated with hazardous pharmaceuticals
  • Helps you meet Joint Commission standards such as Leadership, Environment of Care, and Medication Management
  • keep you in compliance with EPA & DOT regulations
  • A complete turn-key solution.

Gamma Waste Systems

offers a wide range of services specific to refinery and petrochemical industries. Included in specialties are:

Unsalable Product Destruction

Gamma Waste Systems provides a complete menu of services to manage unsalable products, byproducts and non-performing inventory from manufacturing, distribution and R&D. The value to our clients is lower disposal costs, reduced waste and increased benefits to the environment. Our core services include:

  • Product Destruction & Disposal
  • Non-hazardous and Hazardous Product Characterization
  • Separation of Hazardous & Non-hazardous Materials
  • Disassembly, Segregation & Sorting
  • Product Re-use, Recycling, or Alternative Use
  • Transportation & Storage
  • Data Analytics and Compliant Reporting
  • Waste Stream Consulting