About Us

Gamma Waste Systems was established in Houston in August 1996. Gamma Waste Systems is a perfect partner to our large clientele base in the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of medical and bio hazardous wastes, APHIS WASTE MarPol / Regulated Garbage. Gamma has been providing services to hospitals, medical and dental clinics, veterinary facilities, schools, colleges and institutions, trauma care centers, surgical centers and other institutions that generate medical and bio hazardous wastes. Medical wastes also known as "red bag" wastes include pathological, chemotherapy, sharps, scalpels, biological specimens, culture stocks, blood related/stained wastes, used gowns, masks, tubings etc. Gamma Waste Systems provides all necessary containers, then pick(s) them up and safely treat(s) and dispose(s) of the medical waste. We help ensure maximum infection control throughout the entire process. Our Route Managers are trained to carry out their responsibilities discreetly, without interrupting your operation. Additionally, we scan your containers at every point in the process. Our regulated medical waste disposal program is offered throughout Texas and Louisiana and pickup schedules are flexible. We also provide staff training and education to help you protect your employees and reduce your risk.

As transporters of medical wastes, we are aware of the "cradle to grave" liability of our clients. Minimizing the risks and ensuring safe disposal of medical wastes have always been our pledge to our clients. Additionally, our prices have been the lowest in the industry.

Gamma Waste Systems is an ardent supporter of all healthcare providers in their mission to deliver cost-effective, quality healthcare. We do this through:

  • Reducing and controlling environmental hazards and risks.
  • Helping prevent accidents, injuries, and near-miss situations.
  • Collaborating with all client-partners to maintain safe conditions for patients and staff.

Because today’s healthcare providers want and need options to fit their facility’s special needs, Gamma Waste Systems provides these customizable services:

  • Regulated Medical Waste
  • Non-RCRA Pharmaceuticals
  • Collection, On-Site/ Off-Site Treatment, Disposal
  • Transportation
  • Sharps Tracking and Retrieval Service

Years of Experience and Industry Knowledge

Gamma Waste Systems started off recycling waste materials into useful products by reprocessing these materials to help maintain a healthy environment.

Recycling conserves your natural raw material resources and typically uses much less energy, makes used items into new recycled material. Recycling is critical to waste management programs. Recyclable materials can be generated anywhere, and nearly anything is recyclable. They include paper, aluminum, glass, road surfaces, scrap metals, and all forms of plastics. Even food and lawn waste can be recycled. Fryer oil can be made into bio-diesel fuel, some plant products can be fermented into ethanol fuels, and some can be composted into fertilizer, or reduced in size to be used as mulch. Recyclables need to be sorted and separated into material types before processing into recycled materials. Contamination with other materials affects the value and usefulness of the material to be recycled. This sorting can be performed either by the waste generator or the recycling facility. Gamma Waste Systems has background and resources and is your one-stop place for all your need reducing your impact, reusing what you’ve got and recycling your trash.

Why Choose Gamma Waste Systems?

  • Gamma Waste Systems is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, has designed itself into an unshakable contract with the future. A future that dreams of waste recycling, recovery, reuse and setting up of waste to energy services with fully state-of-the-art facility across the length and breadth of the possibilities.
  • With our years of experience and industry knowledge, we have the background and resources you need to stay plugged into the green scene. The company is rolling out new recycling facilities which cover plastic and metal recycling, paper shredding and many more.
  • Cost effective way of doing business, our pricing is designed to keep our customer base growing. We believe our customers will help us grow by our superior services and lower pricing. Competitive pricing and commendable service is the keystone we have built our company on.