For Medical Waste Storage, Handling and Transportation

  • Please do not damage the box container given for use to store medical waste by rough handling. The transporters are prohibited, by regulations, from picking up damaged containers from the generators.
  • Store all the sharps, needles and syringes in the sharps containers.
  • Do not discard sharps in the box containers. Sharps containers, after fill-up, must be placed in the box containers.
  • Please do not throw waste around the bag as the box would get soiled and subsequently damaged. Make sure the bag is always in place.
  • Do not discard any radio-active waste or other chemical waste in the containers ear-marked for medical waste.
  • Do not throw trash in the box container. It is only for the storage of medical waste.
  • Chemotherapy and pathological waste (if any) must be stored in a separate container clearly labeled. Please inform your transporter if you have chemotherapy or pathological waste to provide separate containers.
  • Always discard waste into the red infectious liner bag.
  • If waste are mainly liquid, please use sufficient absorbent material to absorb the liquid waste.
  • After fill-up, please place the liner iWnside and cover the box containers using the top flaps exposing the handle.

Mail Back Sharps Disposal – how it works

The system is shipped to you; where you fill, package, and mail it back to us for proper disposal. Each of our systems include:.

  • Sharps container(s)
  • USPS approved return box
  • When container is full, sharps container is placed in the pre-paid postage return box, and returned via US Mail to Gamma Waste Systems for destruction
  • Destruction manifest for Regulated Medical Waste – Sharps
  • Price includes shipping, return mail, destruction and manifest confirmation of destruction.
  • Protective bag liner