We offer a complete line of medical and biohazardous wastes solution. Safe and secure handling of our client's medical wastes has always been our primary objective.

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Lupy D Gonzales DDS.

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Waste Management Products

Gamma Waste Systems offers a complete line of Medical Waste Containers, Reusable or Disposable Sharp Containers, Cardboard or Reusable Red Bag Receptacles. We also offer a complete Dental Waste Management System to keep dental practices in compliance. Gamma Waste Systems also deals in Lead Foils, X-ray Fixer and Developer, Scrap Amalgam, Elemental Mercury and all regulated materials that need to be handled in accordance with federal, state and local laws. Our extensive portfolio of products includes:

Mail Away Sharps Containers

Mail Away Sharps Containers provides a cost-effective solution for medical waste disposal of needles, syringes, and lancets as well as other types of sharps and small quantities of medical waste. It is a safe and easy alternative to large volume pickup services. Eliminate service fees and manual transportation. Leakproof containers and tracking documents comply with postal regulations. Postage is prepaid.

Specifications: Choose the sizes that fit your needs--1-1/2 qt. to 8 qt. When container is full, just follow the instructions, seal the individual components and complete the required tracking documentation. Then take the package to any US Post Office. Wall Brackets are available for 3-qt. and 8-qt. sizes.

  • Mail Back Sharp 1 QT Single
  • Mail Back Sharp 1.5 QT Single
  • Mail Back Sharp 3 QT Single
  • Mail Back Sharp 3 QTTWIN
  • Mail Back Sharp 5 QT double
  • Mail Back Sharp 3 Gal Single
  • Mail Back Sharp 7 Gal
  • Mail Back Sharp 1 QT Double
  • Mail Back Sharp 2 Gal Single
  • Mail Back Sharp 3 Gal Double
  • Mail Back Sharp 8 Gal
  • Mail Back Sharp 5 QT Single
  • Mail Back Sharp 2 Gal Double
  • Mail Back Sharp 5 Gal
  • Mail Back Sharp 18 Gal

Note: All boxes and documents must be accounted for; do not throw away. Program becomes null and void if any are missing.

Sharps Containers

We supply Kendall, BD, Bemis, Medical action Industries and Pro-Tec sharps containers at low prices. We carry sharps containers in various sizes, from 1 quart to 18 gallons.

Medical Products

Medical Waste Containment Products: Most healthcare providers recognize that there is a need for medical waste removal, however, not all understand the regulations which govern the process. Both Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) mandate that Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) be packaged properly to ensure that employees and the community are safe from potential exposures.

Sharps Waste Containment/ Needle Disposal Containers: Protect your healthcare workers and patients by using these OSHA compliant disposable sharps containers in exam rooms.

Chemotherapy & Pharmaceutical Waste Containers: Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations require special packaging, marking and labeling, shipping documentation, emergency response and employee training when managing pathological, chemotherapy and pharmaceutical waste material.

Personal Protective Equipment Products: Gloves, Gowns, Robes, Masks and Eye protection that are comfortable will help to assure your healthcare workers' and patients' safety. Gamma Waste Systems only offers the most carefully selected PPE and our trained specialists work with you to help you select the right products.

Patient Care Sponges & Alcohol Prep Pads: The right gauze sponges and alcohol prep pads help reduce the risk of microorganism transmission.

Special Waste Containment Products
Gamma Waste Systems provides a variety of products and containerization collection systems including:

  • Hands-Free disposal containers
  • Factory-Fresh new sharps containers
  • Red bags and tubs
  • Containers for source segregation of waste like mercury, chemotherapy, pharmaceutical, and pathologic waste
  • On-site secure storage systems for holding RMW awaiting disposal
  • On-site transportation equipment such as carts, dollies and trucks


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