We offer a complete line of medical and biohazardous wastes solution. Safe and secure handling of our client's medical wastes has always been our primary objective.

“Thank you so much for the great service you are providing us”

Lupy D Gonzales DDS.

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Oil Recovery & Vacuum Services

Gamma Waste Systems as an industrial liquids management company specializes in procurement, blending, treatment, processing and recycling of petroleum and petrochemical secondary products and waste streams. Gamma Waste Systems is actively involved in the petrochemical community and understands the dynamics involved in this sensitive, highly regulated arena. Gamma Waste Systems has huge experience, financial strength and conservative management principles needed to meet the requirements of customers.

Gamma Waste Systems offers a wide range of services specific to refinery and petrochemical industries. Included in specialties are:

Marine Services: This division provides processing and recycling services to vessels calling on most Texas ports. Utilizing our own fleet of Coast Guard certified vacuum trucks or our barge and tug, Gamma Waste Systems can accept MARPOL wastes, marine slops, cargo washings.

Oil Emulsions: We have extensive experience breaking and recycling oil emulsions generated at chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, and marine operations. We analyze each emulsion to create the exact chemical and physical combinations needed to effectively break water out of the oil.

Recycling: Our recycling program has been able to recycle everything from gas and water mixtures to distillation column bottoms to used oil to by-products from petrochemical plants. Our program specializes in finding outlets for off-spec chemicals, production overages, or product heels.

Waste Water: Our pretreatment systems are designed to accept wastewaters with varying levels of pH, organics, solids, or metals. In compliance with the EPA’s Centralized Waste Treatment (CWT) standards, Gamma Waste Systems segregates incoming wastewater into Subcategory B (Oil) or Subcategory C (Organic). Gamma Waste Systems also separates wastewaters based upon physical characteristics.

Waste Management: We can manage a variety of wastes. Everything from nonhazardous to hazardous or solids to liquids. No matter the type or characteristic of the waste, Gamma Waste Systems will be able to help you with disposal.

Used Oil: Our used oil collection service provides your business with a reliable and environmentally responsible way of recycling the used oils and lubes generated at your business. Whether from an industrial setting or retail setting, our status as a registered Used Oil recycler, provides you with a dependable option for the management of your recyclable products.

Transportation: We provide transportation services to customers in the marine, refinery, petrochemical or manufacturing industries. Specializing in transporting liquids, Gamma Waste Systems can transport products or waste in bulk or drums.

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