We use our knowledge to develop the most environmental friendly services for our customers and willingly share our environmental expertise with them.
a focused Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: We envisage to be a leading global enterprise in world class infrastructure development and environment management through sustainable growth. We shall be continuously upgrading technology thereby ensuring quality, reliability and enhancing the value of customers. Gamma Waste Systems will achieve its vision promoting high standard of Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Work Culture, Employee Sense of Belonging, Safety, Health & Environment, Innovation, Social Commitment.

Mission: We affiliate with our worldwide customers to form a cleaner and safer environment by developing and selling advanced Sterilization and Infection Control technologies, forming a long-lasting bond of trust. We aim to increase our partners’ awareness and understanding of the importance of infection prevention through counseling and helping them improve their sterilization practices.

Values: To conduct our business retaining these standards:

  • Leadership: We aim to maintain our world-class leadership position in every aspect of our business by further developing our team leadership skills, in the way we design, build and support our products.
  • Expertise: We aim to remain at the forefront of our field, developing and integrating the most advanced and state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Partnership: We aim to work intimately with our clients over the long term and build solid relationships based on commitment and trust.
  • Flexible: Beyond our unmatched range of products and services we manage complete turnkey solutions, including planning, installation and disposal of sharp container, as well as consultation on OSHA Compliance Program.


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Gamma Waste Systems is certified by City of Houston and State of Texas, HUB, NMSDC, 8a, W/MBE.
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