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We offer a complete line of medical and biohazardous wastes solution. Safe and secure handling of our client's medical wastes has always been our primary objective.
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We understand the importance of people’s needs. Let us help make your requirements less stressful. Contact us via any one of the methods below, we will be glad to help you.

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Please use the form to write to us about any inquiry you may have or send an email to: ges@gammaservices.com


Contact Address

712 Pasadena Freeway
Pasadena, TX 77506, USA

Phone :713.472.6900, 281.461.0677

Toll Free :1.877.38.WASTE                  1.877.389.2783

Fax :713.472.6902


Business Hours

Monday through Friday
8AM to 5PM Central Time (GMT - 06:00)


    Contact Address
  • 712 Pasadena Freeway,
    Pasadena, TX 77506, USA
  • Phone: (713) 472 6900
  • Toll Free: 1.877.38.WASTE
  •               1.877.389.2783
  • Fax: (713) 472 6902

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