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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you registered with the state?

We are not required to be registered with all states. In those states that require, we are registered.

Who are you picking up now?

We pick up at hospitals, doctors, clinics, dentists, nursing homes, veterinarians, factories and many other biohazardous waste generators.

What if we need more boxes?

We will gladly provide you with as many boxes as you will need to put all of your waste.

What if we do not have any waste?

We provide a regular service, therefore, if you have no waste you will be charged a trip charge (equal to one box).

May we put in an empty aerosol can?

No, We cannot accept any aerosol cans. These cans may explode during the destruction process and damage equipment. Please do not put any aerosol cans into your biohazard containers.

May we put broken glass with blood on it in the container?

All glassware, broken or not, must be placed in an approved sharps container before being placed in the biohazard container.

Can we put any liquids into the container?

No, Please do not put liquids into the container.

Where do we put the container, we do not have a place for it?

Your container should be placed somewhere inaccessible to the general public (i.e. a closet, a boiler room, a storage area, etc.).

Where do we get little red bags?

We offer a wide selection of biohazard supplies at very economical prices. These supplies are available for worldwide shipment.

May we place waste in a separate garbage can and then put it in the biohazard container when you arrive? ?

Yes, you can.

Where do we get sharps containers?

We offer a wide selection of sharps containers at very economical prices. These containers are available for worldwide shipment.

Do we have to put our name on the containers?

Only in some areas as per requirement.

How do we know what you picked up?

We will provide you with a copy of our destruction manifest, showing what and how many containers we pick up.

Does blood go in the sharps container?

No. Do not put any blood or other liquid into the containers.

Do we need stickers on our waste storage room doors?

Yes, biohazard stickers identify where you keep your waste.

Where do we put a bandage with blood on it?

Blood soaked bandages and gauze may be placed into the biohazard container.

What if the box gets wet?

Once a box becomes wet, its structural integrity is compromised. Therefore, you must re-box it into a new dry box.

Where do we put a phlebotomy needle and tubes for drawing blood?

The needle must be placed into an approved sharps container, and the tubes may be placed into the biohazard container.

What do we have to send from an Isolation patient?

The rule of thumb is to assume everything is contagious, therefore, place anything the patient may have touched or otherwise infected into the container. This includes everything in the patient's room that cannot be sterilized.

Do we have to send knives & forks from an isolation patient?

No, these may be sterilized.

May we send mercury?

No. Mercury is a hazardous waste and must be handled separately from medical waste.

What day will you pick up?

Our routes vary, call us to discuss pick up options.

What if a cover comes loose on a sharps container?

It must be re-secured and taped shut.

Do we have to put the caps back on the needles?

No. never recap the needles. It endangers your health and is not necessary. Simply drop the entire syringe into an approved sharps container..

What if the waste begins to smell bad, will you come pick it up?

If possible.

How many copies of the manifest do we have to keep?

One, our drivers will supply you with a copy indicating how many containers were picked up and the date. Then, when your waste has been destroyed, we will mail you another copy indicating when and where it was destroyed.

Whatever your question is regarding waste disposal Gamma Waste Systems would be glad to provide answer based on your needs. Provide a few details on this form and one of our representatives will respond as quickly as possible.

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